victorian corsetMiss Moss is a costume designer from England. She has been fascinated by corsets since an early age – the capacity to manipulate seductively the female figure, and to manipulate also the mind of the admirer. Inspired by the way in which they transform “normal” into something spectacular, Miss Moss seeks to expand our traditional concept of corsets. Her eclectic influences stem from the stunning silhouettes from the Rococo era, vintage Victorians and elegant Edwardians, to the more modern Burlesque fashion and the sexy, voluptuous images depicted in Pinup and comic book art.

Having learnt fashion design at university, she went her own way to learn how to make corsets and had a big interest in historical costume design. Miss Moss worked for various dance and costume companies in the UK. She then went on to study historical costume at ‘Atelier Pietro Longhi’ in Venice, Italy before spending several years creating corsets and unique costumes for the burlesque scene in Berlin. Miss Moss currently lives and works in Birmingham, UK.

Corsets and costumes are tailor made to fit perfectly to the individual,  if you see something you like please get in touch!